Snow Fungus (East Asia)

Tremella fuciformis, also known as the snow mushroom or snow fungus, is a type of tropical/subtropical jelly fungus found in some forests after intense periods of rain.

Bangkok, Thailand- Snow Mushroom Juice

The polysaccharides of this cloud-like fungus are supposedly used to strengthen the immune system, and assist with radiotherapy/cancer treatment, and perhaps even combat immunodeficiencies brought on by stress, aging, and autoimmune diseases.

Moreover, the snow ear – as it is referred to in various East Asian countries – is a common ingredient in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cosmetics, thought to combat wrinkles and help moisture retention in the skin.

But, let’s remember that this is FindingFoodFluency.  Though the snow fungus is basically tasteless, due to its gelatinous texture, it is popular in both sweet and savory dishes in southern China and Vietnam.  Indeed, I can recall trying it while living in Shenzhen, China, in a dessert porridge with red dates and nameless flotsam.


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