Cool Supermarket Trends: Smoking Chilies While You Shop (Mexico)

This year, I visited Mexico a number of times.  Consequently, I visited a lot of supermarkets throughout the country, from La Paz in the Baja California peninsula, to Campeche in the eponymous state, Mexico City, and even Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on the border with Texas.

How about that, I get to mention Matamoros in a post…

Matamoros – officially Heroica Matamoros – isn’t known for being a touristic city, unless you’re a Rigo Tovar fan, checking out  Playa Bagdad (Baghdad Beach), or you’re stopping by Brownsville, its neighbor on the US side.  However, in my quest to check off another airport -in this case, Matamoros International Airport – I spent a night there earlier this year.

In short, there’s not much to do.  But, it’s still Mexico, so there’s always good food nearby.

Given the drier climate in the northern part of Mexico, the food scene is a bit different.  You’ve got charros – Mexican pinto beans, machaca – dried, pounded, shredded, and spiced beef or pork, apple orchards, and a greater presence of chiles tatemados.

To wit:

Tatemar is a Mexican Spanish verb originating from the Náhuatl-Aztec word tlatemati, meaning “to put to fire”, or “to burn.” I came across this cool section of a Mexican supermarket chain called Chedraui, located not far from downtown Matamoros.  While you’re shopping, a staffer would help you smoke whichever chilies you purchased.

Wouldn’t you like to see that in the US?

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