Street Food or Subliminal Messaging? Welcome to Sri Lanka

Kandy is an historical city about 2-2.5 hours east of the commercial hub and largest city of Colombo.  If you still maintain that Colombo is the political capital, oh no, that title now goes to Sri Jayawadenapura Kotte or Beijing, depending on your level of cynicism.  Anyway, Kandy is known as home to the Temple of the Tooth, a sacred Buddhist relic, tea plantations and a pleasant botanical garden, all of which make for a fine weekend trip from Sri Lanka’s largest city.

When I visited years ago, no meals were served on the train between Colombo and Kandy.  No problem, that’s not necessarily standard practice, and there were plenty of options around both train stations.

When returning to Colombo, I was in a bit of a rush, and bought a few grease-laden fried potato snacks, often packaged in local newspapers, but this time, mysteriously wrapped in someone’s health records.

fried potato snack sri lanka
Bad Omens: Street Food Packaging in Kandy, Sri Lanka

It seems your kidneys are fine, Sanjeewa.  Just keep away from the fried potatoes.

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