U Pani Ca Meusa (Sicily, Italy)

Palermo - U Pani Ca Meusa (Italy) 1

Palermo - U Pani Ca Meusa (Italy) 2Given Name: U pani ca meusa
Alias:  Panino con la milza, pani câ meusa, Sicilian spleen sandwich
Place(s) of Origin: Sicily
Place Consumed: Antica Focacceria S. Francesco S.A.S., Palermo, Sicily
Common Features: Vastedda*, veal spleen and lungs, lard
Background: I had a short-list of foods to try on my brief trip to Sicily.  Pani ca meusa incidentally was not included.  Since someone in that eatery had told me it was a local delicacy, I went gung-ho and ordered the sandwich.
Verdict: I neglected to mention that I thought my order was for focaccia, but it appears the cashier decided to haze me with this sandwich instead.  I bet.  The lemon served on the side got me through a few bites, but I couldn’t continue struggling with the onerous taste (there was a hint of iron, but to me it tasted like a balloon flavored with liver).  Allegedly you can get it served with grated caciocavallo or ricotta (also visible in the first photo), so I clearly screwed up.  If you have a cholesterol issue, that is, if you crave things high in cholesterol, and if are really into unsung organ meats, pani ca meusa is a winner.

*(Sicilian) Vastedda– either refers to the bread on which this sandwich is served, or a type of sheep’s milk cheese originating in Sicily

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