Raita (India)

If you enjoy sampling food from the Indian subcontinent, or something’s just a wee-bit too spicy for you to handle, you may want to try this Indian condiment.

Raita (रायता), or pachadi (పచ్చడి) in some southwest Indian states, exists for the hotheads (hmm, chili lovers?) and calcium-cravers in many of us. Primarily, it contains yoghurt, cucumber, mint, and garlic, with cumin and fried chickpea batter as bonus additions (per Times of India).

Singapore - Raita

The raita I’m used to eating- a more fluid variant with diced cucumbers- is not typically as generous as the carrot, red onion, cilantro, cumin, black mustard, and chili-filled one above.  As a matter of fact, raita can even count among its ingredients pumpkin, banana and peanut, though in my view, adding those denser foods makes it more of a snack than an accompaniment.  But look who’s talking, I ordered three extra side plates in Singapore, making it a second lunch- the only other thing I needed at the time was a naan-wallah.

Do you like raita?

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